Board Appointments and Introductory Letter from the President

May 9th 2022

   Colleagues, As we conclude the 2021-2022 Training Year and reflect on the successes, there is much to celebrate. The Cadets, Volunteers, and Instructors have continued to persevere in a changing and challenging environment. Our programs continue to be strong, due to the leadership at the community level, which is complemented by   ▸

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Cindy Cui "My time as a cadet has changed my life"

March 15th 2022

Cindy Cui "My time as a cadet has changed my life"Confidence sets us up for lifelong success. It is one of the key factors to helping children navigate through adulthood. Hence, for any child, it is very  important to ensure that they are groomed to have a positive self-image, competent   ▸

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2022 Build-a-Boat Challenge

March 4th 2022

2022 Build-a-Boat Challenge - written by POC1 R. YangCadet corps from Southwestern Ontario recently took part in a friendly Build-a-Boat challenge hosted by Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps (RCSCC) Dundas.With this year starting off with a virtual training program, RCSCC Dundas wanted to host an engaging and fun activity to promote   ▸

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