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The Navy League of Canada

The Navy League of Canada is a non-profit volunteer lead organization that supports youth education and leadership programs as well as promotes the maritime interests of Canada. Active in communities throughout the nation with partners across industry, together we work to support young Canadians via positive citizenship initiatives that reinforce the value of the navy and our service members. In the navy league, we know that everyone can make a difference in building a kinder and stronger world.



From its earliest days in 1895, the Navy League has been an active organization in towns and cities, drawing support from people of all walks of life. Although over time the faces change, our objective and our dedication do not.


Our Cadets and volunteers are active members of your communities, from connecting with our service members and fundraising initiatives to maritime awareness events. Today the Navy League offers training opportunities, symposiums, sponsorship and support to a vast and valuable number of Canadians. Moreover, our great partnerships help keep us connected to voices across the nation.


Developing the world of tomorrow through the youth of today the Navy League promotes policies and programs that assure a strong, safe and inclusive Canadian maritime community. No matter the challenges or time, the Navy League spirit continuous through members of the past, present, and future.

There is an ocean of opportunity waiting for you with the Navy League of Canada.

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