The presidential tide turned in April 2019 for the Navy League of Canada as the organization welcomed its 37th president and newest captain, Matt Waterman. Although he is new to his presidential role, his history with the Navy League of Canada is longstanding: Matt has been a member of the Navy League community for a whopping 40 years.

His journey with the Navy League of Canada began in Victoria, B.C. as a pioneer Sea Cadet of RCSCC Beacon Hill in 1979. His experience as a Sea Cadet with this Corps totaled five years, and was unique to him. He spent much of his summer training at, oddly enough, an Army Cadet camp completing sail qualification courses, something he took a particular interest in. Not only did Matt complete summer training, but he took advantage of one of the most exciting opportunities that the Navy League supports: deployments.

He was fortunate enough to partake in two deployments onboard the three-masted sailing vessel Our Svanen: one from San Francisco, U.S.A to La Paz, Mexico, and one from Shelburne, Canada, to Miami, U.S.A.

“Those were fantastic experiences as a Sea Cadet; it was kind of the ultimate opportunity getting to sail on board Our Svanen.”

Matt’s career as a sailor did not end there, as he went on to win two provincial sailing regattas. The unique experience of being a Sea Cadet prepared Matt both physically and psychologically to transition into the role of a CIC Officer. Waterman states that his summer employment in cadet camp provided him with the financial means to graduate from the Criminal Justice program at Camosun College in Victoria. His post-secondary education paired with cadet experience and training led Matt into a 29-year career with the Victoria Police Department, which he remains employed at as a Staff Sergeant today.

In addition to his position with the Victoria Police Department, Matt has balanced his full-time job with several volunteer roles over the years as a board member of the Navy League of Canada. Some of these roles include Director of the Membership Portfolio, Director of Special Projects, and National Vice President of Navy League Cadets.

Matt’s experience with the Navy League of Canada exemplifies the oceans of opportunity that the organization offers its members. In the course of his time with the Navy League, Matt has assiduously progressed through various roles that have given him ample insight to preside over the organization as a whole. Matt claims that in his four decades of involvement with the Navy League, his most valuable takeaway is the life-long friendships that he has developed with fellow Sea Cadets and coworkers. Looking into the future, he aspires to use his knowledge and experience to inspire and encourage youth to participate in all programs delivered by the Navy League of Canada.

Welcome aboard Matt Waterman; we look forward to sailing through your term with you!