Risk Management

This page provides Branches and Divisions with general guidance on Risk Management and Liability issues. For more specific information, contact our National Office.


The Navy League carries General Liability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance. These are mandatory national policies and each branch is automatically covered. Full details are available in our Insurance Summary.

Navy League members under the age of 70 are automatically covered by these policies. Branches with members over the age of 70 need to contact our National Office to register their members.

Individuals who have been injured on Navy League property or at a Navy League activity need to submit an NL(42) Accident Report within 30 days of the accident.

Your Branch is required to purchase additional insurance if you own property and/or boats. Boat Insurance is divided into two categories, the Master Vessel Policy (for vessels under 10 meters and/or 50HP) and the Oversize Vessel Policy (for vessels 10 meters and over and/or 50HP and over).

Apply for Property Insurance
Apply for Boat Insurance

You may, at times, be required to provide Proof of Insurance coverage. You can do that by issuing one of the following certificates:

Certificate of Insurance – General Liability
Certificate of Insurance – Master Vessel Policy (please contact the National Office)
Certificate of Insurance – Oversize Vessel Policy (please contact the National Office)

Note that you can only use the Vessel Policy certificates if you have registered and paid for your vessel insurance. Also, if any vessel used by The Navy League of Canada is involved in an on-water accident you must submit an NL(41) Boat Accident or Damage Report.

Certificates of Insurance for Property are provided annually to registered Branches.

There are also occasions where a company may ask to be added to our policy ‘as additionally insured’. This extends our policy to cover the other company for a specific period of time, and is most often requested when cadet units conduct fundraising activities in shopping malls or conduct events in a facility not owned by the League or DND. To apply for this coverage you need to submit a Request for Certificate of Insurance.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions on Insurance.


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