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Call To Order Meeting Rules and Procedures for Non-Profit Organizations PDF
NL(8)E Navy League Cadet Regulations – September 2020 PDF
NL(18)E Bylaws of The Navy League of Canada – April 2014 PDF
NL(20)E Terms of Reference – July 2020 PDF
NL(21)E Navy League Administrative Orders – January 2016 PDF
NL(21)E Aide Memoire – Awards & Recognition PDF
NL(22)E Navy League Harassment Prevention, Workplace Violence and Child Abuse PDF
NL(22)E Prevention Policies: Guide to Policies and Procedures Child Abuse Prevention Policy Summary PDF
NL(22)E Harassment Prevention Policy Summary PDF
NL(22)E Workplace Violence Prevention Policy Summary PDF
NL(23)E Social Media Guidelines PDF
NL(24)E Purposes and Objects – July 2020 PDF
NL(25)E Partnership Guide for Branches – July 2020 PDF
NL (26)E Partnership Guide for Divisions – July 2020 PDF
NL(33)EF Branch President Guide – Dec 2016 PDF
NL(35)E Branch Organization Guide – 15 Sept 2007 PDF
NL(50)E Navy League of Canada Communications Guidelines for Branch, Division and Members – March 2016 PDF
NL(64)E Branch-Navy League Cadet Relationship Guide – 1 Oct 2013 PDF
NL(65)E Branch-Sea Cadet Relationship Guide – 1 Oct 2013 PDF
NL(100)E  Screening Coordinator’s Handbook – March 2013 This document is restricted. Branch and Division Volunteer Screening Coordinators may request access from the National Volunteer Screening Coordinator. Email: [email protected]  PDF
NL(210)E Navy League Cadet Officer Terms of Reference – Feb. 2017 PDF
NL(215)E Parent Information Handbook – Sept. 2018 PDF
NL(223)E Range Safety Officer Instructions – August 2017 PDF
NL(225)E NLC Drill Manual – 17 Feb 2016 PDF
NL(410)E NLC Dress Regulations – September 2020 PDF
Request for Certificate of Insurance – April 2016 PDF
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