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DND Participation by a Cadet with Food Allergies PDF
CF 1158 Application for Membership in the Canadian Sea Cadets PDF
DND 2570 Detailed Health Questionnaire PDF
DND 2571 Annual Basic Health Questionnaire PDF
DND Cadet Corps and Squadron Basic Management Guide PDF
Request for Boat Insurance PDF
April 2017 Request for Certificate of Insurance PDF
Request for Building Insurance PDF
NL(1)E Application to Form a Corps (1 Sep 2005) PDF
NL(334)E Request Form (Sept 2019) PDF
NL(12)E&F NLC Kit List (1 Sep 2005) PDF
NL(330)E NL Letter of Intent (Oct 2019) PDF
NL(14)E&F NLCC Ship’s Log Page (3 Nov 2009) PDF
NL(15)E&F NLCC Stores on Issue (1 Sep 2005) PDF
NL(36)E Application to Form a Branch (1 Mar 2009) PDF
NL(41)E Boat Accident or Damage Report (1 Aug 2009) PDF
NL(55)E Maritime Affairs Scholarship Application (May 2017) PDF
NL(58)E Standard Release Form for USSCC Canada/US Exchange (1 Oct 2007) PDF
NL(60)E Expense Voucher (April 2018) PDF
NL(301)E Volunteer Registration Form (Sept 2019) PDF
NL(102)E Driver’s Log Page (15 Mar 2013) PDF
NL(103)E Volunteer Screening Coordinator’s Log Sheet (Dec 2011) PDF
NL(104)E Awards Application Form (February 2017)
Fillable Form
NL(302)E Volunteer Application Renewal Form (Sept 2019) PDF
NL(304)E Personnel Transaction Form (Sept 2019) PDF
NL(305)E Officer Transfer Form (Sept 2019) PDF

NLC Membership Application (Fillable) (Nov 2019)


NL(331)E NLCC Nominal Roll (Oct 2019) PDF
NL(332)EF NLCC Attendance Record (Oct 2019) PDF
NL(321)E Cadet Medical Questionnaire (Nov 2019) PDF
NL(303)E Adult (Staff) Medical Questionnaire (Sept 2019) PDF
NL(322)E Cadet Transfer Form (Nov 2019) PDF
NL(333)E Corps Inspection Report (Fillable) (Sept 2019)



Mar 16

Cadet Volunteer Service Application

Volunteer Service with NLC MoU



WC112E Insurance Claim Form (Mar 2013) PDF