Be a Navy League Volunteer


There are several different types of volunteering within the Navy League that provide adults with opportunities to exercise and learn personnel management, a sense of community, and several other skills.


The Navy League Cadet Corps are managed and supervised by adult volunteers who are enrolled as Navy League Cadet Officers or Cadet Instructors (CIs). Officers are granted warrants by the League, wear naval pattern uniforms and use naval ranks followed by a Navy League (NL) designator. NLC Officers are not members of the Canadian Forces.

All Navy League Cadet Volunteers are provided opportunities for development of skills that will undoubtedly benefit you in your career as well. These include home study and weekend training in leadership and instructional techniques.

We value the service of our volunteers. In addition to the joy and fulfillment you gain from volunteering, the Navy League of Canada has a comprehensive awards and recognition program. Awards are presented at the local, regional and national levels.


There are two different types of positions for adults to hold at a Sea Cadet Corps. A Navy League volunteer is there to aid the corps.

The Sea Cadet program is managed and supervised by CIC (Cadet Instructor Cadre) Officers, which are paid members of the Canadian Forces. For details, please have a look at the Cadets Canada webpage.

Not everyone who wants to teach cadets has to enroll in the Canadian Forces. Civilian Instructors (CI) may be hired to complement the knowledge and skill set of the CIC staff. Many are highly specialized in particular areas of cadet training such as first aid, music or biathlon. CIs who do not have regular positions may serve as unpaid volunteers. In this case, these individuals are deemed to be volunteers of the Navy League and, as such, are subject to the Navy League’s governing documents and policies.



Each Navy League Cadet Corps and Sea Cadet Corps has an associated Navy League Branch working behind the scenes.

There are numerous roles to be filled, including president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary. The Branch arranges a variety of things to support the corps, including fundraising, insurance, and cadet supervision.