Treasurer’s Corner

Welcome to the Treasurer’s Corner, your one-stop shop for all things financial. In addition to forms and manuals, you can review video instruction, submit questions and share experiences with other Navy League volunteers from across Canada. You can also download an Excel Software package that will make completing your financial reports easier than it’s ever been.
If there is something missing and it could be useful for you or for another member of the Navy League, please email the National office.

Things Financial Part I

Things Financial Part II

Financial Management Instructional Video


Getting Started

The above video on financial management can be watched online from this page and downloaded as an HDTV formatted DVD disk image for burning and playing in DVD players. You can also request a DVD copy from the National Office. It will provide you a good overview of your responsibilities for managing your Finances, as a Treasurer or Branch President. Below, you will find more detailed information about how to meet those responsibilities.

Planning a Budget

The budget provides the authority to expend funds for the purposes of supporting cadet activities; it should be approved during the Annual General Meeting. The budget process should include members of the Branch and the Corps’ Commanding Officer. The budget keeps the Branch and Division on track in its purchases, and to prevent any over-extending in managing its finances.

Financial Reports

In order to assist Branches and Divisions with the day-day accounting process, the National Board of Directors approved an Excel based accounting program. To download a copy of this software, click here.

This program will allow organizations to manage accounts and provide real-time financial reports. On the right hand side of the screen you will find a series of short video tutorials that will demonstrate just how easy it is.

There is also an Instructional Guide and a Sample Report to help you become familiar with the software.

For further information, please contact the National Office.

If you still prefer to submit paper reports, you may do so using the NL(62)E Branch Financial Report and the NL(63)E Branch Property Report.


An independent audit/review of your Branch Finances is an essential aspect of good governance. For instructions on how to get an audit or review, and which is most appropriate for your Branch, read our Policy for Branch and Divisions Audits and our helpful Guidelines for Audits by Non-Professionals. For a sample of an Audit Report, Click Here.

Managing Branch Accounts

It is important to reconcile bank accounts on a regular basis. This is important because it allows the Branch or Division opportunity to manage funds and keep track of outstanding cheques. There are many different ways to complete bank reconciliations – click here for a sample template.(Requires Excel) A bank reconciliation should be completed for each bank account.

Corps officers should not be able to access funds directly, except perhaps for a small petty cash float. Corps officers are not permitted to hold separate bank accounts, or to raise or otherwise accept monies without the Branch. All local funds must be held and controlled by the Navy League Branch.

Investments and Property

All investments and property must be held in the name of The Navy League of Canada, unless otherwise authorized by the National Board of Directors. These assets must be reported on your Financial Reports to the Division.

Charitable Status

The Navy League of Canada is a national registered charity under the terms of the Canada Revenue Agency. As such, any Branch or Division may also make application to be registered as a subsidiary. Any registered charity is authorized to receive donations and issue tax receipts, provided they complete the Annual Charities Return. For more information on becoming a registered charity, please contact the National Office or visit 

GST/HST Rebates

As a registered charity, you are eligible for the GST Rebate. Most charities are eligible to claim 50% of the GST paid on services and products within Canada. More information on GST/HST Rebates is available here. (Canada Revenue Agency)


In order to complete certain administrative duties, the National Board of Directors charges each Division an annual assessment fee of $154.00 per every Sea Cadet Corps and $399.00 for each Navy League Corps. Divisions may also add to this fee to cover their related expenses. In most cases, this assessment is based on cadet population and is approved during the Annual General Meeting of the Division as a part of the Annual Reporting process. In order to determine the current rate of assessment for your Branch, contact your Division.