Join veterans, academic, corporate, and government leaders in the security and defence sector to discuss gender related issues and share strategies on leading change to reach gender harmony in the workplace.

Featuring special guest speakers:
Commissioner Brenda Lucki, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Brigadier-General Lise Bourgon, Defence Champion Women, Peace and Security
Major (Retired) Sandra Perron, A New Dynamic Enterprise

For a full list of speakers and topics, please see the schedule here.

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General Admission – $50
Student Rate – $15 (available through the national office only)



Navy and Coast Guard Day is a non-partisan event held annually on Parliament Hill to draw attention to the following key issues:

  • Maritime Security – The Navy League of Canada urges the government to invest in our national marine security enforcement capability to protect Canada’s oceans, ports, and inland seaways.
  • Naval Capabilities – The Navy League of Canada calls upon the government to immediately undertake to procure a minimum of twenty new surface warships at a nominal rate of one per year over a 20-year period.
  • National Shipbuilding Plan – The Navy League of Canada calls upon the government to develop and implement a National Shipbuilding Strategy with a 20-year Ongoing Procurement Plan and stable annual funding.

Navy and Coast Guard Day is generously supported by our private sector sponsors.

Navy and Coast Guard Day is currently being planned for 2020. To be a part of the day, please reach out to our maritime affairs team here.


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