Discussion papers



Managing Canada’s oceans, lakes and rivers is a complex task. The Navy League of Canada offers the following policy statements and discussion papers to facilitate discussion on Maritime Policy.

We would be very pleased to hear from you on these, or any other issue you wish to present. To submit a paper, please e-mail our National Office.

The information and opinions presented here are those of their authors and, unless specifically stated, are not endorsed by The Navy League of Canada.

Replenishment Ships are a Naval Necessity (Dec 2012)
Jerrod Riley

Patrolling the Arctic (Sep 2012)
Andrew Warden

Why Submarines? (Oct 2011)
Captain (Ret’d) Ian Parker

Why Canada Needs a Navy (Oct 2010)
Cdr (Ret’d). Peter Haydon

Military/Naval Procurement in Canada: A Flawed Process (Nov 2008)
Ken Bowering

The Future of Canada’s Navy: Strategic Initiatives and Requirements (Apr 2008)
Honourable Senator Hugh Segal

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: The Global Maritime Outlook 2004 (Jul 2004)
Dr. Jim Boutillier

Canada, An Incomplete Maritime Nation (Apr 2003)
The Navy League of Canada