The Navy League of Canada recognizes the importance of post-secondary education to the future success of its Cadet members. We believe that important life skills developed through cadet training (self-discipline, organization, teamwork, etc.) help prepare youth to tackle the challenges of college and university education. We encourage all cadets to apply themselves to their studies.

The economic burden of higher education on Canadian youth is increasing, causing many to miss out on tremendous opportunities. To ease this burden, The Navy League of Canada is committed to providing scholarship opportunities for cadets who have demonstrated the will to achieve.

Rear-Admiral Fred Mifflin Memorial Scholarship

Each year, the Navy League of Canada issues one Maritime Affairs Scholarship valued at $3,000 to an active Sea Cadet entering an accredited post-secondary program of a maritime focus.

Other Cadet Scholarships

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation, with the support of the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund, funds a variety of scholarships valued at $5,000, $3,000, $2,000 and $1000, including the Chief Petty Officer Jack Scholarship.

The Young Citizens Foundation donates $5,000 annually to support a Sea Cadet pursuing higher education. The Navy League of Canada identifies and selects the recipient from the pool of Top Sea Cadet nominees entering their first year of post-secondary studies. The Cadet cannot be directly entering the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Coast Guard College, or the Royal Military College.