On Saturday, 25 April 2020, the Navy League of Canada held its National Annual General Meeting (AGM). Although unconventionally held in a virtual space, the National AGM illuminated this dark time that we are currently navigating through back to normalcy; specifically, a handful of Navy League members were commended for their outstanding community efforts throughout the past year (and years more for some). On behalf of the National President of the Navy League of Canada, BZ to the following individuals that have gone above and beyond to give back to their communities through demonstrating remarkable leadership skills. Each and every one of these award recipients is a manifestation of the oceans of opportunity that our organization offers to Canadian youth.

NATIONAL NAVY LEAGUE CADET OF THE YEAR: CPO1 Lilianna Borean— Saskatchewan Division

Lilianna Borean has been described by her superiors as mature, compassionate, and an assiduous leader. CPO1 Borean embodies the ‘giving back to the community’ pillar of the Navy League of Canada; she avidly attends commemorative military services such as Remembrance Day and D-Day ceremonies, and actively contributes to the embellishment of student life at her elementary school. In addition to this, she is involved in a program that endeavours to help young children learn to read, and participates annually in the collection of winter clothing for the less fortunate.Evidently, CPO1 Borean is a model cadet, and has gone above and beyond the call of duty of her role as Coxswain for the Regina Navy League corps. She emphasizes that the Cadet programme has taught her “about teamwork, discipline, and overall respect for [her] community and for those that serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.” BZ CPO1 Borean for your early-onset success; we cannot wait to see where you land among the stars!

“The cadet programme has taught me about teamwork, discipline, and overall respect for my community and for those that serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.” -CPO1 Borean


Lt (NL) Pigeon has a running list of achievements with the Navy League that are all well-deserving of this National Award. For starters, he established the NLCC North Northumberland, which he is currently the CO of. He has dedicated nearly two decades of his time and energy to volunteering with the Navy League of Canada, which has ranged from arranging interprovincial trips for cadets, to reaching out to the Hallmark Cards Company to obtain Christmas cards for cadets to disseminate to serving military personnel abroad.Lt (NL) Pigeon continues to work tirelessly and eagerly today to promote and support youth programming across and outside of the nation, as he coordinates with American cadet corps to embellish the quality of his own practices and corps. His teaching methodologies are unconventional and innovative, and are recognized by an American CO he works closely with as being “focused on what and how the cadets can learn and have a bit of fun while doing so.” BZ to Lt (NL) Pigeon, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the invaluable volunteerism that you have dedicated to this organization.


CPO2 Graham Rowland’s musical adeptness has an extremely broad horizon. Not only is he referred to as an outstanding and dependable cadet by his CO, but his contribution to his corps band is described as indispensable. CPO2 Rowland’s musicality extends into the general capital region, as he has participated in several trumpet competitions, helps arrange his school band, and plays with the Royal Conservatory of Music. This multifaceted experience has given him the essential skills to compose pieces for his corps, 319 Centurion. Following his lead, his corps band was able to qualify for provincials, and this year, he has arranged their freestyle competition piece: Skyfall.CPO2’s dedication as a cadet is not limited to his musical contributions; he is eager to accept teaching challenges, and attends almost all cadet activities during the training year. His CO notes that CPO2 Rowland “fosters an environment of mutual encouragement,” and is always commendably engaged in corps sailing and sporting activities. BZ CPO2 Rowland, and we look forward to seeing you continue to radiate your leadership skills.

NATIONAL SEA CADET OF THE YEAR: CPO1 Drew Briand— Nova Scotia Mainland Division

CPO1 Drew Briand’s infectious enthusiasm towards the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet programme is noted by his superiors. He personifies leadership, dedication, and community service; he volunteers with a multitude of community charities, such as The Children’s Wish Foundation, and The Royal Canadian Legion. In addition to this, CPO1 Briand has exceeded the expectation of your average Sea Cadet— he has participated in two National Regattas, and has multiple qualifications and awards that reflect his adeptness in the sport of sailing.CPO1 Briand has transitioned through both the Navy League and Sea Cadet programme, and attained the top position of Coxswain in both (he is currently the Coxswain of 305 RCSCC Sackville). He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in science, and plans on entering the technologically vast field of computer science. CPO1 Briand states that his “personal interests are tied to the sea,” and is described as “a huge contributor to the corps’ continued success.” BZ CPO1 Briand, and we look forward to seeing where your innate leadership skills guide you to in the future!

“My personal interests are tied to the sea.” -CPO1 Briand

NATIONAL PRESIDENTS’ AWARD CIC: LCdr Eve Pickrem— Nova Scotia Mainland Division

LCdr Eve Pickrem has a multitude of accolades that range across multiple decades, and is amply deserving of this award. She has been involved in the Navy League community since the youthful age of 12, and remains enthusiastically involved as the Corps Executive Officer of 305 RCSCC Sackville. As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, she has capitalized on the leadership skills she has obtained from her employment and disseminates them in her teachings to the youth and staff at her corps. LCdr Pickrem’s Branch President commends her for continuously “brainstorming bigger and better ideas and events” for her already extremely active corps.In addition to this, LCdr Pickrem is a full-time family woman, as she is married and has a child. However, she embodies a ‘jill of all trades’; her active involvement in her community alongside her resolute dedication to cadets and her job is exceptional. In LCdr Pickrem’s role as Corps Executive Officer, she has worked tirelessly to grow the corps from 70 to 100 cadets. BZ LCdr Pickrem, and keep up the steadfast work that you do with our organization; your hard work is profoundly appreciated.


Mr. John Jamieson is one of the founding fathers of the Cornwell Navy League Branch, and has served on various chairs and committees. John has dedicated over twenty years of his life to improving and strengthening Navy League programmes, and continues to work tirelessly to increase community engagement with the organization. Specifically, he was the driving force of the volunteer recruitment campaign for the Manitoba Branch’s 100th Anniversary celebration.The Manitoba Branch Treasurer paints John as bringing a “jovial attitude and enjoyable work ethic to all of the positions he has held and events he has supported.” He is saluted for bringing his experience and deep knowledge of the organization to his work with the Navy League, and continues to spread his infectious life-loving volunteerism throughout the Cornwell Branch. BZ John Jamieson, and thank you for the years of commitment and time you have kindly dedicated to our organization.

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION CADET MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE: CPO1 James Howse, Newfoundland and Labrador Division

 The Sea Cadet program lies close to CPO1 Howse’s heart— his mother recounted many of her enticing cadet stories to him over the years, which inspired James to enrol in the program in seventh grade. By his second year as a cadet, CPO1 Howse was appointed to lead glock, learned sailing and marksmanship. At first, the program served as an extra curricular activity for James, but as time went on, he became enthralled with the many learning opportunities that the program offered him: a sense of comradery, self-discipline, and leadership. James found his place in the world through this program— it helped him conquer his shyness, and he continues to make new friends at the speed of light through weekend sailing outings. His success in the program has not gone unrecognized: LCdr and CO Dennis Mercer describes CPO1 Howse as “an intelligent, capable, dedicated and personable young man who has been an asset to his corps and other organizations with whom he has volunteered.” Most recently, James has been appointed to Coxswain of his corps, which evidently is well deserved and a testament to his unwavering commitment to the cadet program. BZ young James, and the Navy League of Canada commends you for your admirable work!