Our Mission

The Navy League of Canada focuses on three key programs: the Navy League Cadets, the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Maritime Affairs.

  • To promote an interest in maritime affairs generally throughout Canada.
  • To prepare, publish and disseminate information and encourage debate relating to the role and importance of maritime matters in the interests of Canada.
  • To promote, organize, sponsor, support and encourage the education and training of the youth of the country through Cadet movements and other youth groups with a maritime orientation, and through the provision of recreational opportunities and training, to promote the physical and mental fitness of the boys and girls participating in the Cadet Programmes.
  • To hold conferences, symposiums, and meetings for the discussion and exchange of views in matters relating to the objects of The League.
  • To assist and aid by the establishment of foundations, scholarships or bursaries those who take part in the youth activities of The League for their education and advancement as may be deemed necessary by the National Board of Directors of The League.
  • To collect, receive invest and hold funds and property from voluntary contributions, subscriptions, gifts, and legacies for the objects of The League, or such of them as the donors may direct.
  • To foster the safety and general welfare of Canadian sailors, and their dependents.
  • To co-operate, as directed by the National Board of Directors, with any kindred society having either in whole or in part, comparable objects to The League.
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects; provided always that it shall be a fundamental principle to The League that its objects, membership, management and conduct shall be absolutely unconnected with and free from all party politics.