National Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman
The Honourable, Honorary Captain(N) Hugh Segal

National President
Earle Corn

Immediate Past President
David Yates

National First Vice President
Matt Waterman

National Treasurer
Bryn Weadon

Division Presidents Representative
Yves Thériault

VP Maritime Affairs
Harry Harsch

VP Sea Cadets
Brenda Pinto

VP Navy League Cadets
Peter Betcher

Director – Rules and Regulations
Gary Payne

Director – Deputy Sea Cadet Chairperson
Scott Briand

Director – Deputy Navy League Cadet Chairperson
Bob Lacquement

Director – Communications
Christian Bedford

Director – Honours and Awards
Pat Randall

As a grassroots organization, Division Presidents hold half of the votes on the National Board. In addition, they are entitled to a weighted vote (based on the size of their Division) for financial issues.