Navy League of Canada

The Navy League of Canada was established in 1895 to promote an interest in Maritime Affairs generally throughout Canada.

Today, the Navy League of Canada has a presence in over 260 Canadian communities. Our youth programs benefit 12,000 young Canadians every year, and we continue to grow.


Since 1895. the Navy League of Canada has worked to preserve Canada’s maritime legacy, passing it on to future generations so that they may continue to realize the vast potential of our oceans, lakes and rivers and the critical role they play in our national well-being.

Since 1895, the Navy League of Canada has supported the prosperity of Canada’s agricultural, industrial, and business sectors by encouraging dependable marine transportation and port facilities, and maritime safety and protection. We have also worked to ensure that Canada’s Navy remains relevant, sustainable, ready and able.


The Navy League of Canada provides most of its services through our 260 local Branches. Each Branch coordinates community support and oversees the delivery of local cadet programs.

Our Divisions are regional bodies that coordinate the activities of the Navy League within their designated territory. Each Division President also represents their respective Branches on the National Board of Directors.


The Navy League is a member of the National Cadet Council, the body which oversees delivery of cadet programs within Canada. Also represented on this council is the Department of National Defence, The Army Cadet League of Canada and The Air Cadet League of Canada.

We are one of the founding members of the International Sea Cadet Association (ISCA), an organization which promotes cultural exchanges between cadets in twenty different nations. Canada is the Permanent Secretariat for ISCA.

The Navy League is also a member of the Conference of Defence Associations.

The Navy League actively engages with like-minded organizations in support of our mandate. We are pleased to note our association with: